Results Are the Only Way

Ulyses Osuna and his team are definitely experts when it comes to PR. They've helped me a lot. They have amazing strategies and techniques that will make you an authority in your market. I really enjoy working with them and it's a million times worth the investment. 

David Lopez

Majesty Level Marketing

The last year has been incredible and tomorrow will rank as a highlight of my career!

Tomorrow I'll be Dropping Bombs with Brad Lea in Las Vegas!

Stay tuned for the podcast

Bill Murphy

The Solar Cheatcode

Meet the best PR person in the planet. His name is Ulyses Osuna, his resume includes some of the biggest entrepreneurs we know. Ulyses has brought PR for me to a whole new level. The things he's taught me were amazing on how to brand yourself.

Sid Clevinger

Better Leads Academy

Aaron Minc

Thank you Influencer Press for helping me become a contributor to Forbes and Not only that, thank you for helping me get on T.v. to talk about what we're doing here at Minc Law. Influencer Press is freaking awesome. Thanks guys!

Minc Law

Ulyses & his team are amazing man, this is just the start...

My brand has expanded. I'm getting in front of a lot of people, with the right connections. Why? Because I made one decision and I decided to invest in Ulyses and his company. The process was so seamless that all I had to do was show up. I'm now on Forbes, T.v. & more.

Andy Audate

Audate Training International

damian proselandis

Ecommerce & Fiverr

I became part of a reality t.v. show because of the press

Influencer Press is the perfect organization that has a streamlined experience. I rate them a 10/10. They were very understanding in delays on my part, I hugely appreciate that & they have impeccable customer experience.

The Accelerator Program

The Elite Program for 6 & 7 Figure Entrepreneurs

It's all about Results.

Athens Ramseyer

Bobby who's my client manager is on point with the branding and choice of shot on my project. I've shared the results everywhere and had some of my high caliber clients share my results as well. I'll be referring clients over to you. Thank you guys!


Now, I'm a part of Forbes, T.v. and big placements...

Before working with Influencer Press I had no idea on how to leverage my authority and I was stuck on reaching a larger audience. Now, I'm a part of Forbes, T.v., Big Placements and more. Working with them has been a great experience.

Austin Dunham


austin netzley


We were able to generate over $100,000 

Influencer Press is the best in terms of number of press pieces, quality of press pieces and the best in terms of ROI you get from the press pieces. Hands down Influencer Press has been the best and I've hired 3 PR agencies before.

One of the players who are definitely in the business of helping winners win more is Ulyses Osuna. He operates with integrity and fulfills on his promises. Within 30 days he introduced me to 4 podcasts, got me published on 5 articles and recently got me on LIVE Television. 

Kayvon Kay

The Sales Connection

It's surreal to see a TempleMill video featured on

Huge shoutout to Ulyses Osuna and his team for making this happen!

And choosing our team to work on this project!

Mike Richy

TempleMill Videos

Big shout out to my man Ulyses Osuna who gave me my big break on the Huffington Post. He also took a chance on an unknown and I thank him big time for that. I can't thank him enough, what he did for me and my family by opening these doors is something I will be forever grateful.

Matt Crane

Hendrick Automotive Group


Working with Ulyses & Influencer Press is by far the best experience that I have ever had. Ulyses actually delivers what he says. You actually see results weekly & everything is laid out seamlessly. The results exceeded my expectations. 

Danny Singson Xtreme 1 Financial

Jason Brown

Over the last 30 days it's been an amazing experience, honestly a lot more than I expected coming into it. The service, the response times and honestly the delivery has been incredible. I get asked to be on a ton of podcasts now. My articles alone bridged some amazing connections.

Entrepreneur / Investor

From Forbes to Yahoo to T.v. to getting Verified...

" I appreciate all of the work they've done. I finished my Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast which usually costs $5,000 to attend. I look forward to crushing the rest of the program." With us at Influencer Press Jeff also was on Dropping Bombs, Verified & on Television.

Jeff Fenster


ryan white

Social Revelation Marketing

My business revenue has only increased since hiring him..

Since I've met Ulyses I now write for over 12 major publications and I'm highlighted by Forbes. Ulyses is really knowledgable when it comes to this space. He 100% has changed my life. My business revenue has only increased since I've hired him.

Ulyses & Influencer Press ALWAYS delivered...

You were the plug for many PR stuff and I've known you for years. You ALWAYS delivered which is rare in this world of marketers because most are shady and they don't deliver. However, you did and because you did -- you stood out. 

Ben Lee


Steve Griggs

Influencer Press helped me solidify my brand and helped me get into major publications like Forbes where I can submit articles anytime I want. He really showed me how to become known and how you become an expert in your field.

Steve Griggs Design

Results Period.

Ryan Mulvany

Thanks to Ulyses, because he got me on Tv and a lot more. It is very important to think about PR in today's day and age. Ulyses is able to craft the story and put the image you want out there. I am impressed by the process. He even got me as a Forbes writer. I recommend him highly. 


I've recently had an a-ah moment due to Ulyses Osuna, around how being able to control the perception and the narrative via media can be extremely powerful. I think the caveat to this though is once you control the perception, you better have the integrity to live up to that.

Anthony John Amyx

Raging Rebel

P.s. I've tried your strategy and I'm in talks with someone from a big money magazine in the U.K. about an article!

I met him at a business expo that I'm speaking at next year. 

Thank you for your tips!

Lauren Tickner

Impact School

Hey Ulyses, I just wanted to reach out to say that this week, after your mastermind presentation I've connected with a guy who writes for Vanity Fair, The Wall Street Journal, and Mens Health. I also arranged for him to be a guest on my podcast. Thanks man!

Neil Damerrel

Health Consultant