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About influencer press


Press alone does nothing.

Research has undisputedly shown that consumers sniff out incongruencies, and decide what they think about your business, and if they’ll buy, before even interacting with you.

We don’t just believe, but we know through data, that the best service based businesses, “preinfluence” the buying decision of prospects.

Preinflunce is the art and science of establishing buying beliefs, generating authority, creating systems of scale to get clients pre-sold before they even book a time to talk.


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A Science Backed Approach


At Influencer Press you’ll know who, what, when, where, how, and why. Empowered not only with knowledge but application.

Mission Statement

To help service based businesses establish buying beliefs, eliminate objections and get clients pre-sold by pre-influencing their purchasing decisions.

Core Values

At our core we embody a concierge style service making sure each client is taken care of while having an agency performance style model of focusing on systems.

Concierge Style


Our clients value efficiency and time compression. At Influencer Press, you’re priority #1. For media bookings incorporated in our signature Influence Generators, you’ll have the option of a full-service concierge team available to book your flights, hotels, transportation and even dinner reservations.

If you can control what someone sees about you. You can control what they think about you.

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