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12 Ways PR Can Skyrocket Your Influencer Career

12 Ways PR Can Skyrocket Your Influencer Career by Bree Brouwer

As an influencer, you’re familiar with branded content deals. You partner with a particular brand you like or respect to promote their products or services. In turn, the content you create for them often results in more awareness, sales, and even some positive PR for the brand’s image.But what about your PR needs?Unfortunately, your career […]

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When It Comes to PR, Google Is Not Your Friend

Chances are, you use Google for 99% of the things you don’t know about…and usually Google is there to help you. However, in this case, this will be one of the only times I’m going to tell you – Google is not your friend.Let me give you some context.I recently went to Tai Lopez’s pool […]

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