About Influencer Press

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  • Weekly Successes. [94% Yr-Round Results]
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We Do What We Do for 1 Simple Reason

Press companies do not show nor leverage the PR they give to their client.

Which ultimately makes the PR they bought useless other than being able to say "as seen on".

Press if leveraged correctly is much more than that and our clients are living proof of it.

We help our ideal avatar come into the spotlight quickly and effectively with the right strategy in place. Through us, many thought leaders are built and those thought leaders inspire generations.

Our ONE Thing

Our ONE Thing is to leverage and control every single piece of press so that as an ecosystem it all flows together. Individually press doesn’t accomplish an end goal, cohesively & collectively it does much more. Accelerator doesn’t work because of the product. It works because of the strategy, through looking cohesively and comprehensively at how things work together in sequence.

About our CEO

Let's Cut to the Chase...

Most people think that getting the press is the "good stuff".

I'm here to tell you different.

From someone that has done this for many years... hired some of the best staff, gotten millions of views, published clients on the biggest press pieces out there. 

The press isn't the good stuff. 

Far too often when I was doing this in 2016 and 2017 I noticed that once I provided the press to my client, they didn't know what to do with it. 

In fact, most if not ALL press companies today still do this. 

They provide the press to the client and the client goes home "feeling" great because they get to place the logo and article on their website and social... and then 2 weeks later everyone forgets. 

For the longest time I really believed that just by getting the press for the client would be the game changer for them. However, once I learned that the press was just the first step... the rules changed forever. 

I started to learn how to leverage the press at the highest level. 

The press now became the tool. The press now worked because of the cohesive strategy. Now just because of the product itself. 

You see.. I've been able to do A LOT with press. 

I've been able to...

Get Recognized on T.v.

By using the strategies implemented we were able to get multiple T.v. bookings which only  furthered our cause and strengthened our brand.

By doing this we were able to craft and control our story in the media.

Speak on Stage Next to Top-Level Execs

Many people speak on stage and don't know how to generate revenue from it. With us, not only do we utilize the press to book the stages.

But we also show them exactly how they can turn it into a marketing channel for their business.

Control Search Results on Google

One of the first things people do before they buy into your or your product is research. 

That's why by doing strategic media placement not only do I rank for my name but I get to control what the end user sees.

These are just some of the results. 

You see... you don't want the Forbes Feature. You THINK you do and that's what you'll come to me for. 

But it's not the tangible deliverable you're looking for. I can hand you a feature all right. 

That won't do anything for you and your business.

You're looking for the Red Carpet Experience in business.

You want more Momentum. More Respect. More Credibility. More Authority. 

You want entrepreneurship to just be a tiny bit easier...

Because let's face it.

Life for a Thought Leader is 10x Easier. 

 You and I both know that.

Thought Leaders NATURALLY get more business. Get more things for free. Can close sales easier etc... 

The list goes on.

I always hated the notion that you needed to hustle every single day of your life to hopefully one-day be someone.

I'm here to tell you that what you've been led to believe is a myth. You don't NEED to climb the corporate ladder step-by-step. 

You don't NEED to spend years of your life branding yourself. 

You can spend a few months to make sure that you will never again be picked last.

We both know that one of the first things people do before they buy from you is research. 

In fact, on Google MOST people will never click beyond the first page. Most click on the first few links.

The company that ranks #1 on that specific keyword will ALWAYS generate more business at an increased rate simply because they are the...

First Option.

How much money are you leaving on the table because you are not the first option? 

You see, you're losing thousands & potentially even millions because you are not considered the first pick in your space. 

You aren't credible enough for people to want to work with you immediately. 

You get whatever trickles down from your competitors. 

So what if you could control being the first option?

What if you could control where and how you're being seen?

What if you could control how you're perceived? 

You see... those are the real questions. 

This is why I love what I do. For this simple reason.

That's why one of our Motto's here at Influencer Press is that PR is Organized Truth.

We believe that 

If you can control what people see about you... you can control what they think about you.

Imagine controlling your image. Every aspect of it.

How much easier would your life be?

How much more money would you make?

How much easier would it be to convince someone that your product or service can really help them? 

The #1 thing that the BIG entrepreneurs don't tell you... is that because they are who they are -- they don't NEED to sell you.

Their personal brand did that a long time ago.

So if this is something you're interested in & you'd like to see if we can make that happen for you. 

Contact us Today.