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Farokh Sarmad on Forbes

Farokh Sarmad is a 21 year old Entrepreneur that has over 6.7 Million Followers on Instagram.

It was a dream of his to be on Forbes and we made it happen.

Travelmate on Forbes & Huffpost

We were able to give them a jump start on The Huffington Post.

Which then led to a surge of media press (not from us) that received millions of views. Check below. After that we got them on Forbes.

Dustin on Forbes

Dustin Black is a Multi-Millionaire & Founder of Black Tie Moving. He's been on The Million Dollar Listing and is a contributor to

We were able to get him a Forbes piece on customer service. 

Gerard on Power Players

Gerard Adams is the co-founder of Elite Daily which sold for 50 Million. 

We were able to get him on the show Power Players with Grant Cardone and on Entrepreneur.

Tonio Skits on Forbes

Tonio Skits is a social media Influencer with over 3.3 Million followers. He's been on MTV's hit show "Wild N Out" and is also signed to Kevin Hart's Beat Digital Productions.

We got him on and on

Fortafy on Entrepreneur

Fortafy runs the app game Color Switch which has over 100M Downloads and over 12M likes on Facebook.  

We were able to get their app featured on Entrepreneur.

Fre Customs on Forbes + Inc

Fre Customs designs shoes that have sold to celebrities like Chris Brown, 50 Cent, T.I. & More. They've been on  Business Insider, Hypebeast and more. 

We were able to get them an interview on Prsuit, The Huffington Post, Forbes and

Partnered with Business Rockstars

Some of our work with Business Rockstars

"A job that takes months to do - he got it done in a day"

"Many people talk a lot and don't do much...and that was my first impression. But I was proven wrong very very fast. He got a job done for big media companies that takes a month, two months even and he got that done in a day...

- Matt Pocius (Made his First Million at 18)

"This was a childhood dream and you made it happen"

"Wow man, I'm shocked...this was a childhood dream for me and you made it happen. I'd send you a bottle of champagne but I can't ship it to the USA. 

- Farokh Sarmad (6.7 Million Followers)

"In 48 hours you did more than they did in 2 months each..."

"Bro, I fired two guys before you. In 48 hours you did more than they did in 2 months each. I just put your name out in my group as the go-to guy. You're the shit man!"

- Ryan Stewman (Founder, Hardcore Closer)

Ben Lee is the guy behind the Tony Robbins and Snoop Dogg App. We got him on Forbes, Huffpo, Business Rockstars, Lifehack & more. 

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