Sales Rep

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to put your sales skills to the test and join a fast - growing press company? 

If that sounds of interest, please read on... 

We are accepting applicants for a qualified Sales Rep to work directly with our proven done for you press programs and clients to help them rapidly scale their personal brand. 

We help our clients (small business owners all across the world) implement the key strategies and systems necessary so that they can scale their personal brand faster than ever in our proven Influencer Press Accelerator.

Mission & Purpose

  • The purpose of this role is to convert warm leads into customers for Influencer Press in the most effective & efficient manner possible.
  • This will be done via consultative phone sales appointments with prospects that have expresses interest in Influencer Press. The Inside Sales Rep will be responsible for educating & selling the prospect on the product that's the best fit for their needs.
  • NOTE: This position is full-time and virtual meaning you can work from anywhere. 

What You'll Be Doing...

  • Day to day, you'll be selling on (mostly) pre-scheduled sales calls. You'll be qualifying and closing customers while keeping track of lead notes & recording each call to follow up accordingly to call outcome. 
  • 90% of these appointments will be booked for you, but sometimes you'll be responsible for filling the rest of your calendar with appointments.
  • Sales Call Tracking: Tracking # of calls scheduled, # of calls conducted, # of new clients by using CRM and Daily Sales Tracker.
  • Following & Improving the Sales System: Take action with the sales system that is in place and bring ideas to the table of how we can improve while improving your skills by memorizing and knowing the most common objections. 
  • Play the Part: Think to yourself "who do our customers want to buy from?". In all aspects you must be this person. They're qualifying you as well. Look the part, speak the part and play the part. We are an agency that serves high end clients and get insane results. Embody this. 
  • Effectively Hand Over New Client to Fulfillment: Every time you close a new deal it's crucial you relay the information to us for a successful onboarding experience. 
  • As part of this opportunity, you'll also be a part of a VERY fast paced and high growth company. You're getting in at the ground floor of a growing sales team, and will have input and responsibility as we grow the team.

This is For You If

  • You love the thrill of the hunt as you will have the ability to manage your own pipeline of qualified, inbound leads.
  • You're tenacious and organized.
  • You're the top rep at your current company (or at least in the top 5%)
  • You're great with people - and not afraid to challenge them to be their best.
  • You have a strong internal drive to help people through sales of a product you believe in, and hate missing out on potential sales opportunities.
  • You are an action taker, you're good at problem solving and figuring things out on your own with minimal direction... you know how to create your own structured work environment.
  • You are process driven -- you don't just look at a task, but innovate and find ways to improve the entire system.
  • You're coachable. You seek out growth opportunities at any change you get and actively read and learn from books or courses to get better at your role.

What technical knowledge do you need to perform in your role?

Required: CRM & sales process experience. Experience with communication tools such as Asana, Slack, Google Drive & Zoom.


Have you delivered results in a similar role in the past? If so, that's what we're looking for. That beings said, feel free to apply even if you don't "tick the boxes" below. Just to be sure to mention that in your application + why we should consider you.


  • At least 3 years of VERY high performance as a sales rep.
  • Minimum of $250,000 in sales of any product/service in the past.
  • CRM & sales process experience.


  • At least 5 years of high performance sales experience (selling $250K+ per year)
  • Minimum of $1M in lifetime sales of any product
  • Experience with low ticket, & high ticket $12K volume sales. 1-2 call close rather than long cycle.

Outcomes / Responsibilities

Month 1:

  • Learn all systems and be well verses in our "Proven Process" to be effective in the position.
  • 60 Sales appointments booked
  • 40 total sales appointments completed
  • 20% minimum close rate from qualified lead

Month 2:

  • 50 Sales appointments booked
  • 100 Total sales appointments completed (5 per day).
  • 24% close rate


Grow Into:

  • Sales Manager
  • Conference Presenting & Selling (Optional)


  • # of Sales Appointments Completed
  • Conversion Rate
  •  Sales Revenue
  • # of Accelerators Registrations

The Pay

  • Commission Only: 15% of Sales

Work remotely: Save $5K/Year in commuting costs & 100+hrs each year (aka. 2 1/2 extra weeks of vacation time)

  • If You're Well Below Standard: $55,716/year
    • This means you don't input your info on the tracker 
    • You make the bare minimum 1-2 sales a month
    • You don't follow up with leads 
    • You miss calls 
    • etc...
  • If You Hit KPI's: $108,000/year
  • If You're Amazing: $200,000+/year

All amounts above represent compensation based on your ability to sell.

Culture Fit

There's currently a team of 7 Full-Time, several part time members with Influencer Press working all across the country to bring this work to life.

  • Everyone at Influencer Press is an "A Player".
  • For Every Problem You Bring, You Should Have a Solution.
  • Everyone is Always Above the Line on the Accountability Ladder
  • We are Growth Oriented and We Seek Feedback and Are Given Regular Opportunities to Improve Personally and Professionally.

Our Mission

We help elite entrepreneurs become leading edge influencers by providing world-class public relations work. Our goal is to help our clients be positioned to their audience that they are the #1 authority in their niche with credibility that is beyond reproach.

Why We Do What We Do

We believe that now more than ever, conscientious influencers have the potential to change the world. Every day, aspiring entrepreneurs are developing amazing technology, products, and messages that can transform society and elevate humanity. However, in a world full of distractions, it can be extremely difficult to start a movement and broadcast your brand.

That is where we come in. We at Influencer Press believe that our way of spreading greatness in this world is by helping others amplify their voices in a world full of noise. 

Through our extensive network, technical expertise, and experienced strategy, we are able to consistently help our clients position themselves as the #1 credible authority in their chosen niches, resulting in more business for them, and, more importantly, a greater impact on society.

Core Values

The Team, The Team, The Team 

It’s hard to do big things by yourself… So don’t. The way you build a movement is with people, a vision and a common goal. We pride ourselves on running like a well-oiled machine, working together as ONE to make the impossible a reality. We always put the Team first, communicate and support each other like family. We know that done right, 1+1 equals 5 and work daily as a tribe moving towards the same common goal. 

The Universe Loves Speed

Many people believe that in order to win in life you need to hustle. You need to work and bleed your ass off to make a life. That’s not true. Here at Influencer Press we believe in “fuck the marathon - we’re looking to blow up tomorrow”. We believe that for us at the company as well as for our clients. You don’t need to climb the corporate ladder to succeed. You don’t need to spend a decade of your life trying to “get it”. You can succeed tomorrow and there’s no shame in not bleeding for it.

Masters of Leverage

When we started this company we didn’t have much. But for more than 2 ½ years we have survived off of leveraging what we did have. Now that we are in a much better position we know better than anyone how to leverage any and every little thing you have in order to get what you want. Not only do we believe in this for ourselves but we believe in this for our clients. We know how to piece and puzzle everything together to make sure our clients as positioned and leveraged in the highest form possible.

Keep it Simple 

We are essentialists at heart. Instead of more… we want less. A lot less. We prefer the 80/20 of the 80/20, and take the most direct path to the end result. We simplify, strategize, sprint and repeat. Every day we’re challenging each other to make things simpler, easier and more focused. That sets us up for success and makes our job easy to execute.

Rock Solid Foundation

If we can’t double our business by tomorrow something’s broken. If we can’t take on twice as many calls tomorrow, something’s broken. If we can’t fulfill twice as many clients tomorrow...something’s broken. If there’s no predictability, sustainability then we are broken. & NEVER again will this company be broken. This company thrives on running like a machine while consistently making things better, easier & more efficient.

Customer Experience

It's not enough to give clients results. Now more than ever it's our responsibility to make sure clients get the interaction they require so they don't feel like they're in a world of automation and systemization. We pride ourselves on results but now we're focused on providing the results while giving the white glove experience. Our client managers are dedicated and focused to making sure the client is happy throughout our partnership together. 

Improvement Culture

It's vital that we have a culture of improvement. Without improvement there is no progression. Here at Influencer Press we believe in constantly improving our systems, experience and results. We hold our team accountable to ownership. Are they solution oriented or problem oriented? We hold them accountable to the A2FSO principal. Can our team figure things out when it's not clear as day? Is it a can't do or won't do problem? If our team isn't strong then it's our responsibility to hold them accountable to improve. It's in the best interest for our clients and for ourselves that this culture is strict with our values. Our team will always know if they're living in accordance with the core values or not.

How to Apply

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*You must fill out the application to be considered for the position. Resumes separate from this application will NOT be considered.

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