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Helping Entrepreneurs Get the PR to Become the #1 Authority in their Niche.

Traditional press companies don't show or leverage the PR they give to their client. They allow the client to think that if you get featured in Fox, NBC, ABC etc that you'll automatically be someone and it will solve your problems. This is a marketing ploy. If you don't know how to leverage your PR then it makes the PR you bought useless other than being able to say "as seen on".

Press if leveraged correctly is much more than that and our clients are living proof of it.

Get Qualified Buyers

Each media piece acts as a touch point to warm up buyers to your brand and offer.

Get More Exposure

Every business is in need of more leads, use PR as not just an ego play but as a lead channel.

Rank on Google

We want you to control the narrative about your brand. So that your ideal avatar can find you.

Increase Your Revenue

It's almost natural to cut your sales cycle, get more leads and closer more when you're known.

Get Verified on Social Media

Social platforms use the media to determine if you should be verified due to you being a "public figure."

Experience the Red Carpet

If you look at credible people in your industry, they get treated different. You can have that too.

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Ulyses Osuna

I've been in the PR space for 5 years and have worked with a ton of high level entrepreneurs in the space. I'm talking people like Ed Mylett, Brandon Dawson, Josh Snow etc.  Just last year Bloomberg released an announcement about me hosting my show in Las Vegas at their $6M Studio.

Now I'm taking what I learned from working with great entrepreneurs and working with those that want to get there. I'm leaving no stone unturned and no tactic will be kept secret. Schedule a call if you'd like us to hear about your story.

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