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You actually see results weekly & they exceeded my expectations...

Working with Ulyses & Influencer Press is by far the best experience that I have ever had. Ulyses actually delivers what he says. You actually see results weekly & everything is laid out seamlessly. The results exceeded my expectations. 

DANNY SINGSON //  Xtreme 1 Financial

Leveraging the Power of Digital Credibility for Exponential Business Growth

As an entrepreneur, you can position everything you've ever done like a perfect puzzle that fits exactly how you want your client or customer to perceive you. Here at Influencer Press we believe that world-class public relations is organized truth. It is taking everything you've done as an entrepreneur and broadcasting it correctly so that you control exactly how the media, the public and your ideal clients perceive you.  

Our motto is that if you can control what others see about you and how they see it, you can control what they think about you.

That's where we believe our real power lies. One of the secrets that the most successful entrepreneurs don't tell you is that because of their powerful branding... they don't really need to sell to you. You've already been sold, & their branding did that selling for them a long time ago. Our role is to create that brand through PR being the single biggest growth hack to building an indestructible personal brand. 

Everything is easier with powerful positioning and a recognizable brand. Potential prospects in any niche always flock to who they immediately think of as the best in the business. It is the winner that takes all effect & we can help you become that brand in your niche.

  • Excellent Customer Satisfaction [NPS +60] 
  • Weekly Successes. [94% Yr-Round Results]
  • World-Class Team Satisfaction Rate [+90 eNPS]

We Do What We Do for 1 Simple Reason

Press companies do not show nor leverage the PR they give to their client.

Which ultimately makes the PR they bought useless other than being able to say "as seen on".

Press if leveraged correctly is much more than that and our clients are living proof of it.

We help our ideal avatar come into the spotlight quickly and effectively with the right strategy in place. Through us, many thought leaders are built and those thought leaders inspire generations.

Our ONE Thing

Our ONE Thing is to leverage and control every single piece of press so that as an ecosystem it all flows together. Individually press doesn’t accomplish an end goal, cohesively & collectively it does much more. Accelerator doesn’t work because of the product. It works because of the strategy, through looking cohesively and comprehensively at how things work together in sequence.

3 Key Phases

  • Foundation 
  • Permanence  
  • Leverage 

Influencer Press’ Systematic Approach to Your Public Relations Positioning & Digital Media Presence in 3 Key Phases

Phase 1 - Foundation

In Phase 1, we work with you to create a hands off environment where we create the strategy, foundations, and action plan that will move you forward towards your ideal positioning in the marketplace. We work with you to determine your end objectives, and then develop a flexible strategy that will evolve as our relationship continues and results unfold. 

Our team will also create a game plan for our positioning so we can get you published in publications that allow us to control the narrative, publish quickly and use it as a resource. We will create the headlines that show exactly how we believe you need to be perceived and will ensure you approve of them prior to publishing.

In this phase, our team of PR specialists will also expertly craft your articles that we will send to you for revisions and approval. Once you approve of these articles, our publishing team will utilize our extensive network to ensure you get published on publications that move the needle for our goals. 

Last but not least, our team will conduct a podcast blitz where we choose the podcasts and book you on them during the article stage.

Phase 2 - Permanence

In Phase 2, our team will identify and locate publications that meet our standards of where you should become a contributor at. Some of these publications are meant for you to deliver your expertise and improve your Seo. These publications won't be used to drive sales themselves, in fact - they are used as the main asset to the system we create to drive a certain end goal. We will equip you with the strategies and make the necessary introductions to ensure you are able to create content for these publications for as long as you choose.

After crafting an article of which you approve, our team will publish the article on your behalf, officially cementing you as an official contributor to the publication. We will then help you leverage your increased contributions to get your business verified by places like Inc. Magazine.

By the end of this phase we will have helped you position everything to craft the ideal public image of who you are as an entrepreneur. 

Phase 3 - Leverage

In the last Phase, we focus on making sure that you end up with a fully developed system from our team that helps you leverage the contributor profiles to their full extent. 

Our team will then compile everything that we've completed into an Influencer Kit that you can use and leverage for future growth. Furthermore, we will develop a future growth strategy to drive a direct return on investment from the press you have now received. 

Andrew Faridani

Good news! I just spoke to Forbes and they accepted us. I went through their process & have spoken to my team about content as well. Thank you for the introduction, we hope to monetize on this for sure. I also got accepted to Business. I appreciate all of the help you guys have given us and I highly recommend your service.


 In a Nutshell 

Dr. David Fabi

It's great working with Ulyses and his team. They are very efficient, very task oriented, most importantly is they talk the talk and they walk the walk. They helped me publish articles, get writer exposure, hooked me up with certain podcasts and helped me get verified. The proof is in the pudding!

Advanced Surgery Center

Quality & Quantity Publications to Get Verified...

Because of Influencer Press & Ulyses Osuna, I was able to get enough press in order to get verified on Facebook. Which happened not too long after hiring them. Thank you guys for your help!

Anmol Singh

Live Traders

austin netzley


We were able to generate over $100,000 

Influencer Press is the best in terms of number of press pieces, quality of press pieces and the best in terms of ROI you get from the press pieces. Hands down Influencer Press has been the best and I've hired 3 PR agencies before.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Should I start now?

Yes! The Accelerator is big on speed which was based from one of our core values. We start by ensuring your foundation is in place so that the right strategy is efficient and result oriented. If you wait a 3 months to be fully set up -- all that does is put you 3 months behind of achieving your goals. 

What results will I achieve?

Our goal with the Accelerator is that you create an ecosystem of press that not only controls your image but also puts you in a position to consistently leverage the results for repeatable growth. We aim to get you there inside of the program, but it may take an additional few months depending on the industry and when you start.  Our track record for weekly successes in the program are 94% year long. Which means 94% of the time for the entire year there's constant wins for clients.

We also have a money-back guarantee on the program. Your PR Specialist will be able to walk you through the details of this on your Audit Call.

How much does it cost?

There are a number of payment options for the program, and your PR Specialist will walk you through all of the options on your Audit call. The money--back guarantee includes a refund along with en extra $1,000 if we fail to deliver on said result. So your investment is protected and can yield a return.

What happens after I apply?

After you apply you'll be taken to a spot to schedule your 45-minute Audit call with one of our PR Specialists.

On your Audit Session call, if we are a good fit for each other, we will walk you through our exact methodologies and what you can expect in the program, plus the investment options.

From that call, you can start straight away. 


Tyler McBroom

Thanks to Ulyses & his team I've been able to get multiple articles on Forbes. My business didn't have much 3rd party credibility until they got me on T.v. and Harvard. I was even noticed at the airport because of the publicity they helped me get. Thank you guys for your help!

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