Influencer Press Partners with BlueWire to Host The Blacklist Podcast at $6M Studio in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada – Influencer Press is excited to announce its partnership with BlueWire, a leading podcast network that provides support to independent creators and podcasters. As part of this partnership, Influencer Press will host its popular podcast, The Blacklist, at BlueWire’s state-of-the-art $6M studio in Las Vegas.

The Blacklist is a business show that features interviews with high-level executives and entrepreneurs. With its new home at BlueWire’s studio, Influencer Press will continue to host its business show with an even higher level of production quality.

“I’m thrilled to be partnering with BlueWire and to have the opportunity to host The Blacklist at their amazing studio in Las Vegas,” said Ulyses Osuna host of The Blacklist. “I’ve already interviewed many household names at this location, and I’m excited to continue to bring high-level guests to my audience.”

BlueWire is trusted by world-class athletes to grow their audio platform and expand their influence. With over 300 podcasts, 420 creators, 34 million social followers, and 10 million monthly audio downloads, BlueWire Studios is committed to creating high-quality, original audio content. The Blacklist is only one of seven business shows that’s part of the studio along with David Meltzer.

With world-class audio talent and production resources, BlueWire’s confident that they can provide an even better listening experience to The Blacklist’s audience.

The partnership between Influencer Press and BlueWire will allow both companies to expand their reach and provide high-quality content to their audiences. The Blacklist’s listeners can expect even better interviews and production value as the show continues to grow at BlueWire’s studio.


Ulyses Osuna

Ulyses Osuna is the Founder and CEO of Influencer Press, a PR firm that works with Influencers who have thousands and even millions of followers and gets them on major publications like Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur Magazine and more.