Looking for a Co-Host Assistant

At Influencer Press we're looking for someone to join our podcast and interview top-level entrepreneurs in the Tri-Cities Area.

We are HIRING!

About The Podcast

  • Excellent Customer Satisfaction [NPS +60] 
  • Weekly Successes. [94% Yr-Round Results]
  • World-Class Team Satisfaction Rate [+90 eNPS]

Vision for the Role

To help Influencer Press Co-Host their local podcast show along with promoting the show in the Tri-Cities area to their current following.

Diversifying the Podcast and Recording High Quality Content

Influencer Press is searching for a co-host assistant who can unify the different aspects of the podcast process.

As a Co-Host Assistant, you will be responsible for streamlining the Podcast Process along with promoting the podcast to your following when needed. 

The image on the right contains some of the podcasts and T.v. that our founder Ulyses Osuna has been on. These are similar to what we will create.

The Co-Hosts & The Position

Ulyses Osuna

Nathan Ortega

The Location // Setup

Example Video

Job Responsibilities

Why Working with Us is Such a Good Opportunity?

Pay Rate

Depending on what workload you take during this process the pay rate can be anywhere from $50 to $100 an hour.

Flexible Schedules

The good thing is this isn't a full-time role. This also isn't a part-time role. This is a side gig. Which means you can schedule this when it fits your schedule and ours. There's no mandatory meeting or mandatory clock-in times. You get to work this on your schedule. 

PR Opportunities 

One of the benefits of working with us at Influencer Press is that we help you elevate your career. If interested, we can help you get free article promotion, free T.v. opportunities and more. 

Inspire Generations

The leaders we work with every single day are people that are going to change the world. We believe that now more than ever, conscientious entrepreneurs have the potential to change the world. Every day, aspiring entrepreneurs are developing amazing technology, products, and messages that can transform society and elevate humanity. It's our duty to put the right people in a position of Influence, to do our part.  

We will be interviewing thought leaders here in the Tri-Cities that make a big impact in the city.

Send an email to [email protected]

or get in touch via Facebook or Instagram.