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I'm so grateful for the culture you've created and for being such a supportive boss...

Thank you Ulyses Osuna for creating such an awesome environment for all of us to grow! Thank you Alejandra Padilla for supporting me and ops for the whole team! 'm super grateful to be working with an amazing team and continuing to grow with you guys!!

MYA NGUYEN  //  Head of Enrollment

About Influencer Press

  • Excellent Customer Satisfaction [NPS +60] 
  • Weekly Successes. [94% Yr-Round Results]
  • World-Class Team Satisfaction Rate [+90 eNPS]

We Do What We Do for 1 Simple Reason

Press companies do not show nor leverage the PR they give to their client.

Which ultimately makes the PR they bought useless other than being able to say "as seen on".

Press if leveraged correctly is much more than that and our clients are living proof of it.

We help our ideal avatar come into the spotlight quickly and effectively with the right strategy in place. Through us, many thought leaders are built and those thought leaders inspire generations.

Our ONE Thing

Our ONE Thing is to leverage and control every single piece of press so that as an ecosystem it all flows together. Individually press doesn’t accomplish an end goal, cohesively & collectively it does much more. Accelerator doesn’t work because of the product. It works because of the strategy, through looking cohesively and comprehensively at how things work together in sequence.

The Backstory

Why Working with Us is Such a Good Opportunity?

World-Class Team

One of our core values is Speed. We are big believers that business doesn't have to be a marathon where it's long and slow. In fact, we understand that if you move fast, the environment plays in your favor. When you're slow the environment usually becomes threatening. The A-Players on our team all embody this which helps you when you join the company be up to that standard and keep you motivated to be the best version you can be.

Flexible Schedules

Our main thing is results period. It doesn't matter if you get the result in an hour or 1 week -- we are all about efficient vs being busy. Especially since our team is geographically all over the world it's important to have flexible schedules along with paid time off. 

PR Opportunities 

One of the benefits of working with us at Influencer Press is that we help you develop as well. If you're looking for PR opportunities like the ones we give to our clients, you're in for a treat. Every month you qualify to get any-type of press, podcast or T.v. opportunity that we have available. One month you could be featured in a magazine, the next month you could be on T.v.

Inspire Generations

The leaders we work with every single day are people that are going to change the world. We believe that now more than ever, conscientious entrepreneurs have the potential to change the world. Every day, aspiring entrepreneurs are developing amazing technology, products, and messages that can transform society and elevate humanity. It's our duty to put the right people in a position of Influence, to do our part.  

ERIN SCHULTZ  //  Former Staff Editor at

Core Values Manifesto

The Team, Team, Team

It’s hard to do big things by yourself… So don’t. The way you build a movement is with people, a vision and a common goal. We pride ourselves on running like a well-oiled machine, working together as ONE to make the impossible a reality. We always put the Team first, communicate and support each other like family. We know that done right, 1+1 equals 5 and work daily as a tribe moving towards the same common goal. 

The Universe Loves Speed

Many people believe that in order to win in life you need to hustle. You need to work and bleed your ass off to make a life. That’s not true. Here at Influencer Press we believe in “fuck the marathon - we’re looking to blow up tomorrow”. We believe that for us at the company as well as for our clients. You don’t need to climb the corporate ladder to succeed. You don’t need to spend a decade of your life trying to “get it”. You can succeed tomorrow and there’s no shame in not bleeding for it.

Masters of Leverage

When we started this company we didn’t have much. But for more than 2 ½ years we have survived off of leveraging what we did have. Now that we are in a much better position we know better than anyone how to leverage any and every little thing you have in order to get what you want. Not only do we believe in this for ourselves but we believe in this for our clients. We know how to piece and puzzle everything together to make sure our clients as positioned and leveraged in the highest form possible.

Keep it Simple 

We are essentialists at heart. Instead of more… we want less. A lot less. We prefer the 80/20 of the 80/20, and take the most direct path to the end result. We simplify, strategize, sprint and repeat. Every day we’re challenging each other to make things simpler, easier and more focused. That sets us up for success and makes our job easy to execute.

Rock Solid Foundation

If we can’t double our business by tomorrow something’s broken. If we can’t take on twice as many calls tomorrow, something’s broken. If we can’t fulfill twice as many clients tomorrow...something’s broken. If there’s no predictability, sustainability then we are broken. & NEVER again will this company be broken. This company thrives on running like a machine while consistently making things better, easier & more efficient.

Customer Experience

It's not enough to give clients results. Now more than ever it's our responsibility to make sure clients get the interaction they require so they don't feel like they're in a world of automation and systemization. We pride ourselves on results but now we're focused on providing the results while giving the white glove experience. Our client managers are dedicated and focused to making sure the client is happy throughout our partnership together. 

Improvement Culture

It's vital that we have a culture of improvement. Without improvement there is no progression. Here at Influencer Press we believe in constantly improving our systems, experience and results. We hold our team accountable to ownership. Are they solution oriented or problem oriented? We hold them accountable to the A2FSO principal. Can our team figure things out when it's not clear as day? Is it a can't do or won't do problem? If our team isn't strong then it's our responsibility to hold them accountable to improve. It's in the best interest for our clients and for ourselves that this culture is strict with our values. Our team will always know if they're living in accordance with the core values or not.

Working for Influencer Press is the best decision I've ever made in my career...

Ulyses is the best mentor, leader, and boss. It also makes me happy whenever I read our clients’ kind words every time we deliver results that are beyond their expectations!No other company made me feel this valued, understood, and heard. Our CEO, Ulyses doesn’t treat us as if we’re just here to complete tasks. He helps us bring out our potential, and for me having a boss that cares about your personal growth and not only his business growth is incredible.He’s ALWAYS willing to help us out with our personal businesses, he teaches us to be patient and how to handle problems with grace.If could live a another life I would still work for Influencer Press. That’s how much I love it here!! 

DIANNE CHAN  //  Client Success Manager

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