Case Study – Ryan White

Ryan White

How Ryan exploded his social media recognition, dramatically improved his brand’s credibility, and increased his revenue through working with Influencer Press!
“After working with Ulyses, I’ve done 18 podcasts in Jan, 12 in Feb, and am starting to turn down requests due to the massive exposure that Influencer Press has generated for me, my business, and my brand” – Ryan White

Before Influencer Press

Before Ryan ran into Ulyses in November 2018, he was already running a successful business, with his first full fiscal year as a 7 figure business. Although he knew Ulyses was a big player in the digital PR world, Ryan had always put digital PR and social media on the back burner, believing he could figure it out for himself when the time was right. He knew he had an interesting story as a small town kid who essentially scaled his own 7 figure business in 18 months from his bedroom, and although Ryan had dabbled with smaller presses, he had never truly thought about how to invest and leverage exposure from major press publications.
However, after discussing with Ulyses about his vision of becoming verified on Facebook and Instagram, Ulyses became instrumental in illustrating all that Ryan was missing by not becoming a major press contributor.

After Working with Influencer Press: Ryan’s Results


1. Massive Improvements in Brand Recognition

Since working with Influencer Press, Ryan’s brand’s recognition has skyrocketed beyond his wildest imagination. He has since been Facebook verified, has written for 12 major publications that are highlighted by Forbes, and is part of Forbes’ agency council, none of which he could have done without the guidance of Influencer Press.
Ryan has also since been on numerous shows like La La Land and the Mountain Morning Show, resulting in more exposure and more business. In fact, Ryan has become so highly sought after for podcasts that he’s having to start turning down requests!

2. Attracting Clients Has Never Been Easier

Ryan has found that the increased brand awareness and digital credibility has made attracting clients easier than ever. He’s able to leverage his improved positioning in conversations, in his biography, on his website, social media platforms, and email signatures to his advantage. He’s found that it’s become a lot easier to convince someone to become a client when you can confidently and truthfully say you have been featured on publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Future Sharks, and Inc. Thanks to Influencer Press, Ryan’s business has generated massive momentum and he’s well on his way to his best year yet!

Now He’s Ready to Scale Big Time

Before Influencer Press, Ryan did not know how to create a pitch or where to send it to once he did. He didn’t have at his disposal the strategies and systems to leverage his story and get the attention of podcasts, TV shows, and publications. Now, after working with Influencer Press, he’s well on his way to becoming a nationally recognized brand.